Some thoughts I had on RSS versus Blogs

I was telling colleagues about blogs and RSS and summarised my thoughts as follows.

I’ve also discovered that my theme seems to squash my unordered list and list item tags.

  • RSS and Blogs are related but separate concepts

    RSS uses XML to summarise information such as title, description and hyper-link per item.

    Blogs are just a source of information just like on-line newspapers, web forums, escalation queues, Sun Alerts.

    RSS can be used to easily aggregate a diverse collection of information sources.

    There are many flavours of RSS due to on-going differences of opinion.

  • The archiving of useful information in blogs is not solved

    At least AFAIK. Usenet articles can be found decades later but what of useful stuff in blogs? Most blogs limit the entries they display. You can usually reference old articles but forever?

    Mind you, on-line storage tends to expand to fill the need.

  • Blogs enable interesting people to be found and have a voice
  • Blogs aren’t for everyone (to write and/or to read)
  • RSS saves *huge* amounts of time when keeping up to date

    I can easily check out all sorts of information with an RSS reader (such as Juicy Net News) without having to visit individual web sites.

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