Mind mapping – FreeMind is my tool of the month

I’ve really got in to mind maps recently. They’ve helped me organise my thoughts on all sorts of topics and actively encouraged me to not only write stuff down (an important part of getting things done) but keep them updated too.

FreeMind is the tool I’ve been using which is free, written in Java and you can even embed your mind maps into web pages, including this blog!

If the applet doesn’t work for you then review your current browser’s Java plugin version.

Mind map example If you don’t know what I’m going on about then check out the Wikipedia entry for mind mapping which contains chapter and verse on this fascinating thinking tool.

Hand drawn mind map example Essentially it’s a documentation tool that takes full advantage of our very strong visual and spatial minds. The images in this entry are two example maps culled from the Wiki entry.

These were traditionally done on paper but there are now software tools for this.

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  1. Well, that’s some funny incident, we’re havin’..
    Not having talked to my uncle too much since he got a new job, I decided yesterday to give his company’s website ( http://www.finnlines.fi ) a visit and look if I could find out about his work. Fortunately I found something on the planned IT projects and thought: “Why not drop him a line?!” So I started to write down my ideas and comments, but at a certain point I wasn’t even myself capable of sorting my thoughts – so how to write down? I remembered having installed Freemind a month or so ago and started using it. Half an hour later I got a small but nice mindmap that tells more than a thousand words.
    Because I suggested my uncle to use Blogs at their website I searched the net for some Top-Manager-Blogs to show him examples(he happens to be the CIO of Finnlines) and stumbled upon this blog in which, yeah you know it – Freemind is the tool of the month! 🙂
    Long story, short message:
    I definitely sign this statement!
    Freemind is also my tool of the month!

  2. Huafeng Lu

     /  August 23, 2005

    This tool looks great! I think I’ll try it. Not sure if it supports the Chinese language.


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