First UK OpenSolaris meeting We had the first UK OpenSolaris User Group (OSUG) meeting on Monday.

The meeting was remarkable in that everyone presented OpenSolaris consistently and exactly the way I’d like it to be seen. There is clearly some distrust of Sun’s motivation but pleasing all of the people all of the time is not worth attempting as we know. The community needs a simple way to communicate so setting up a UK OpenSolaris forum seems essential.

Good things

  • Coherent and (I thought) convincing presentation of OpenSolaris
  • Some good questions
  • Some real Sun engineers turned up

Not so good things

  • Too much time on licensing – but that does point to a gap to be filled, though ideally not in the OSUG meetings 🙂
  • Attendance could have been better – but then, OpenSolaris has only just started out
  • Meeting overran

I had to dash off to attend a needy family (check out my Family blog entries) but I gather the discussion continued in the pub afterwards which was probably at least as effective.

I definitely plan to be at the next one. The UK engineers I work with are very keen to share their knowledge and participate but we’d rather people asked than have us presume. Please let us know what you need.

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  1. Sean Sprague

     /  June 24, 2005

    I was also at the meeting, and am sorry that I did not get to speak with you.
    I was also very pleased that some real (and previously-real) Sun engineers responded in fine style during the Q&A session at the end of the presentations – this was the high point of the evening for me. The banter in the pub afterwards was indeed also livelyish 😉
    During the presentations, Simon Phipps was outstanding in his ability to both think on his feet whenever required, and be authoratitive at the same time. A true talent; whether it be licencing-related, CAB-related, or other.
    The scheduling of the event was a tad rushed (in terms of notice), and the timing through the evening was not spot-on. These things happen, and Ulf did a first-class job. It was the inaugural meeting. I hope to be able to work with Ulf on the format and content of future meetings; and at least share some of the burden of responsibility; with an eye from the “outside”.
    Regards… Sean.

  2. Sean Sprague

     /  June 24, 2005

    “P” omitted from previous post due to defective finger 😉

  3. David Williams

     /  June 24, 2005

    I was also there *red hair at the front on the left”. It was good to see kernel engineers there abd although a lot of time was spent on licensing this is the important bit for most people. I felt the answers cleared things up a lot of people and expalined WHY sun choose the CDDL license. Also the way to get code into OpenSolaris was explained (via sponsors and I got one sponsors business card!). is good but we need a way to search for open bugs that are not already being worked on (lots of in progress stuff that is good but I want one to fix!).
    Finally the point was mentioned that the kernel engineers have lots of code in their home directories that they cannot justify working on
    due to lack of time. Code needs to meet a cerain ‘level’ before being accepted and getting this code to a point where it is ready to merge
    never reaches high enough priority to get done!
    Plans are there to get this stuff ‘out there’ if possible as well.
    Well I’ve downloaded Express build b16 and the Sun 10 Compiler (free for opensolaris members!.
    So a busy weekend then..laters!

  4. I agree absolutely that timing went completely to pot. Which was slightly odd because I know that beforehand we were rather worried about being able to fill the 2 hours with material. I must have blathered on for longer than my practice timings suggested.


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