How To Balance Life And Technology For Kids?

JP found an interesting SlashDot thread on geeks and kids. As a father of two gorgeous boys (8 months and 3½ years) I read it with interest though you probably want to set the moderation threshold to 5.

The general advice is, as you might expect, obvious: spend lots of time with them and make sure they get outside and play.

I find that my technical interests have mostly to be confined to normal office hours which isn’t so bad as I have a very technical job. Urgent out-of-hours stuff gets done when it must after Lara and children have gone to bed. This will most probably change as the children get older, but I see this being the case for the next 4 years or so.

Some things I’ve very much learnt to appreciate are:

  • How valuable time is (I try to spend it wisely and probably fail at least 50% of the time)
  • Where my priorities lie (the family)
  • Lara (even more of a gem than I thought)
  • The value of a good night’s sleep

One current joy is carrying the older boy on my shoulders to his nursery which is a pleasant 10 minutes walk. It’s hard to take the blank faced commuters seriously when there’s a happy tousle-haired urchin jumping around pretending to throw snowballs at everything.

I wonder how Bryan is getting on 🙂

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