Managing Human Performance – the Kepner Tregoe way

I’m currently training as a program leader for our Sun Global Resolution Troubleshooting (SGRT) process. This is our customised version of Kepner Tregoe and provides a systematic approach to effective problem solving, decision making and protecting action plans.

OK, so it doesn’t sound thrilling but having just re-done the course – which I first did in March 1997 – and expected to be bored, I was pleasantly surprised to find how interesting it was. The two program leaders, Graham and Dave, were excellent and what made it really work was how much everyone participated.

Graphic of Kepner Tregoe performance systemOne of the new aspects was applying their techniques to how people perform. They refer to a “performance system model” which has:

  • a situation
  • a performer
  • how they respond to the situation
  • the consequences and how they increase/decrease the probability that the behaviour will be repeated
  • feedback

Sometimes abbreviated to SPRCFb and clumsily pronounced “spruhk-fuhb”.

I’m still reading the material on this but I did find an article by Jamie Weiss (of Kepner Tregoe) called The Fallacy of People Problems, and How to Solve Them. From what I could tell from quickly scanning the article it illustrates the techniques used. I plan to read it after I’ve reviewed my notes on this from the course.

As the material is copyright I won’t quote it here but one of the examples of poor management was identifying a people problem where they were slamming the lids of drums so hard that the rust fell off the inside. Root causing why the rust was there in the first place seems an obvious step forward.

Like most of these things, what might be considered common sense isn’t so common.

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  1. sbank

     /  December 15, 2006

    Mmmm. Square doughnuts.

  2. Larry McCarty

     /  April 24, 2007

    Very Well


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