Getting Firefox 1.5 and the Java plugin working on Mac OS X

This has been bugging me since I installed Firefox 1.5. Following a tip from a colleague at Sun I removed AdBlock and Java worked again, eg:

I later reinstalled AdBlock and it still works. I wasn’t wise enough to check the precise version I uninstalled but I do know it was out of date as when I checked the extensions prior to removing it I spotted a new version being offered.

So, either older versions of AdBlock interfere with the Java plugin (install a newer version) or you have to uninstall and reinstall AdBlock.

As some background, this all works through some clever hackery which allows the Mac OS X Java plugin to work with other browsers. Originally this had to be installed in “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins” but Firefox 1.5 now includes them in “/Applications/”. I deleted my /Library copies. See bugzilla bug 303161 (include Java Embedding Plugin (JEP) with Firefox).

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