Life with a tandem – day one

Following much discussion with Chris we’ve bought a tandem – fantastic.

Family on a Thorn tandemAfter much searching it turned out to be easier to buy a new one from St John Street Cycles as they make a budget childback tandem in the Voyager range. Our eldest is four and can just reach the double-drilled cranks. We are currently using the toe straps plus some velcro to keep his feet in the pedals and out of the power train. This is our solution to how to get around with one parent and two children.

It’s already a hit with our children and my other half as (a) she doesn’t like driving, (b) she likes to cycle everywhere and (c) getting on and off buses with a buggy and buggy board is hard work.

It was delivered on Friday and we spent the weekend trying it out much to the curiosity and probably amusement of all. Not quite as amazing as Chris’s triplet but I’ve not seen anything like it around here before.

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  1. Yep. Tandems rule. We have a Lippy we got when we got married, in ’87. Custom built and still in very good shape. We drove to work together at the beginning; I’d drop her to work first then bike it by myself to my work – got the usual ‘you lost something!’ comment. Later we got a Burley trailer. The kids are older now (16 and 12+), and the tandem is waiting for a knee to get back in shape. But still there, and very loved. – eduard/o


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