Psychometric testing I have known

A lunchtime discussion reminded me of the various psychometric tests I’ve seen. Here’s a short summary:

  • DiSC (1920s)

    “Dimensions of Behaviour” which is a “Carlson Learning Company” product. I did this in the US on a one day course. Quite interesting. It claims to be one of the original psychometric tests.

  • Myers-Briggs (1940s)

    Not done this but it’s very popular. I found a comparison of DiSC and Myers-Briggs. Essentially the former is an emotional and the latter an intellectual basis for how we behave.

  • Facet5 (1980s)

    A much more recent test. Flicking through a paper on the Development of Facet5 it sound like it builds on the older tests.

    I had considered publishing the results of the DiSC and Facet5 tests I took but thought better of it 🙂

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  1. I used MBTI during my studies and I’ve worked with Facet5 for about 1,5 years. The new, internet version that is.
    I could summarise, that I find both of these assesment tools quite able and thorough, but I prefer Facet5, because it’s simpler, easier for the respondent to fill-in, easier to analyze and give feedback on. And it still is rather elegant and I like the use of Likert scale with dichotomic statements.


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