T3 with Palm Security and daylight savings drains battery flat

Having learnt this the hard way I thought I’d like to share this timely tip.

If you have the Palm Security update on your T3 then daylight savings may result in a flat battery.

It looks like it suffers a fatal error when it turns on to reset the time and then stays on.

I found some references to this in Google. In particular, someone recreated this as follows:

I’ve managed to recreate what happened.

One important detail: before I went to bed last night, my T3 was locked and some categories of data were encrypted using the Palm security update.

When the alarm went of for daylight savings adjustment, this message came up:

Fatal Alert
DataMgr.c, Line:6341,
Invalid uniqueID passed

My T3 hung, powered up, until the batteries totally drained.

Workarounds that come to mind are:

  • Set your Palm time forward so that you can ‘watch’ the time change taking place, then, once the real time has passed, set it back
  • Disable Palm Security for that night
  • Use a crash monitor, eg


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