Deskbar and the Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks search

I wasn’t getting the Mozilla/Firefox features appearing in Deskbar. In other words: searching bookmarks, using the quick searches and using the search engine(s).

After some digging around the python source and some truss output I found that it searched for the ‘enabled’ flag in the gconf preferences:


  def is_preferred_browser(test):
        # We will import only if the user's preferred browser is mozilla
        http_handler = gconf.client_get_default().get_string(
        if not gconf.client_get_default().get_bool(
                return False

        if http_handler.find(test) != -1:
                return True

        http_handler = http_handler.split(" ")[0]

For some reason I didn’t have an ‘enabled’ key. I added it using gconf-editor, restarted Deskbar and voilà – my Firefox searches appeared. Magic. Anyone know why that key was missing?

One possible cause is that I didn’t delete any of my Gnome config files when I moved to snv_41. AFAIK Chris *did* delete his Gnome config and his Deskbar Mozilla/Firefox searching worked first time.

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