A simple workaround for /net not showing newly exported filesystems

I just submitted this to our internal documentation system that ultimately publishes it on SunSolve (assuming it’s approved) [Note: now published as SRDB 86189]. But I often get asked this – so here’s the answer:

Problem Statement:

If the automounter on an NFS client has already mounted a -hosts map (eg /net) for an NFS server it will not show file systems later exported on that server.


There are at least three different ways to resolve this:

  1. Wait for the /net mount to time-out
  2. Use a different name for the host

    eg /net/foo
    Each one will be a new ‘view’ on the exported directories.

  3. Reboot

There’s an RFE for this which, if you follow the duplicate of links, comes to another RFE which I’ve recently reopened. Workaround 2 is by far the easiest 🙂


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