Wanted: Sun Ray laptop modelled on the Intel Metro

Intel Metro concept laptopThe Intel Metro is old news now but it struck me today just how much I want a Sun Ray version of this.

Jim Grisanzio‘s recent blog on Sun Ray laptops in Japan shows that Sun Ray laptops do exist, check Accutech for an actual product.

Just think of the potential battery life (no disk, no fans), the simplicity of flipping the lid open to immediately resume access the same session you can access from any Sun Ray on the network – all wrapped up in a sleek, low-profile, lightweight piece of design elegance.

Please, please, please.

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  1. Scott

     /  October 3, 2007

    I second and triple this suggestion. As part of the Intel partnership, Sun should step up to the plate and create this product. It will help the SunRay virtualization market greatly. I will buy one.

  2. An oled display would make it pretty thin and light as well.


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