Random thoughts on Alec Muffett’s “IT Futurology and the Terabyte iPod”

Alec MuffettHaving watched Alec Muffett‘s talk on IT Futurology and the Terabyte iPod I had some random thoughts wandering about my mind awaiting some annealing process. Until that occurs, here they are in raw form …

BBC Radio 4’s The Material World had a feature which implied massive and permanent data:

I was also struck by the iPod ‘cloud’ idea and how important it would be to have established standards to access the cloud. Also, would it be just one cloud? Bittorrent? Or GEROS? Or Web 3.0?

Currently much of my non-home directory objects are scattered about the Internet. I have blog entries in blogs.sun.com, photos in Photobox and Flickr, personal data in Facebook, etc etc. These all suffer to a greater or less extent to that ‘what if’ scenario of wanting your data back. If there were multiple clouds, could I migrate those objects from one cloud to another?

A long wished for dream-organiser for is me is something that allowed arbitrary links. Everything is an object and you can arbitrarily link them. That would be perfect with the cloud backend as my RSS blog object would simply list blog entry objects that themselves include other objects such as photos.

What use a home directory? Mostly preferences these days – could be another set of objects in the cloud of course.

Finally, two of the TED talks are about gapminder.org which writes software to mine the public databases for statistics related to world poverty, health and so on and then provide meaningful data. It set me wondering about the intersection (if any) between the iPod cloud or personal objects and large databases.


Can I resist mentioning the network is the computer? Apparently not 🙂

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