Mice or Squirrels?

Loft damage by mice or squirrelsThe mystery of the recent spate of RCD trips and strange scratching sounds from the loft appears to be solved if not resolved. I unscrewed a panel and found a nest made out of roofing and loft materials. I also found a severely nibbled cable – whatever it is has sharp teeth.

The obvious cause is mice or squirrels, I’m not sure which. I toyed with the idea of disabling the RCD but decided that was a little reckless 🙂

Having discounted electrocuting them and borrowing a passing cat to post down the eaves we’re trying what is politely called rodenticide. If anyone has any other tips I’d welcome them.

More pictures here:

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  1. Peter Harvey

     /  February 27, 2008

    After talking to a few people and some local pest control experts the conclusion is squirrels and the action plan is to get rid of them. They can be very destructive.

  2. I too have squirrels nesting in the loft eves again. We can swap stories.


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