Recommending “Managing Humans” by by Michael Lopp (aka Rands)

Managing Humans cover picture

I thoroughly recommend the book “Managing Humans” by Rands, aka Michael Lopp. The pearls of wisdom come thick and fast, it’s an easy read and you’ll find plenty to laugh and cry about.

I’m a manager in Solaris sustaining – essentially we fix bugs in our released versions of Solaris – rather than product development which is more Rands territory. Having said that, there’s lots of commonality between the roles.

It was recommended to me by Dave Walker, a colleague of mine here at Sun UK. It was his tip for the engineer-begat-manager – ie me.

All the chapters are available on-line in Rand’s blog, eg Meeting Creatures, but the book neatly groups them and is handy for dipping in and out of when the mood takes you or the panic sets in 🙂

You're a bad man Mr Gum cover pictureOn the theme of book reviews – for those with children I also have to recommend the “Mr Gum” books. Full of nonsense words, mad characters and slapstick humour. It certainly amused me and my children (4 and 7) were laughing out loud. Favourite quotes include this description of Padlock the bear:

“He was a proper fat shaggy rumble-me-tumble sort of a roly-poly flip-flap-flopper of a big brown bear”

I had to read that description out loud several nights in a row.

Please read to your children.

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