iOS silently fails to send drafts from unrecognised email addresses

I just found an email bug in iOS 7.0.2 – if you open a draft email where the from address isn’t one of those listed against the account you can edit and send with the usual “swoosh” but the mail is neither delivered, copied to your sent folder nor otherwise recoverable without recourse to backups.

Steps to reproduce:

  • On another system, create an email with a from address not registered with your iOS device
  • Open the draft on the iOS device and hit Send
  • You get the “swoosh” but the email isn’t delivered, is not in your sent folder or indeed anywhere I can find

If I add the from address to my iOS settings for that mail account and try again it works as expected.

Verified on my iPhone – I’ve not tried the iPad or iPod and haven’t tried other ISPs (it could be provider specific).

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