Two near misses in an hour cycling on quiet back roads

I was alarmed to have two near accidents on my bike at a normally quiet junction within an hour.

In my opinion the cars were driving too fast for the conditions – a narrow road, two lines of parked cars, limited visibility approaching the junction – but they’re weren’t helped by the faded give way lines. See if you can spot them here:


The give-way lines are almost completely invisible. They are worn and the slight rise in the road makes it even harder to see them. There’s no supporting signage.

On Saturday morning (5th April) on a cloudy day with good visibility at roughly 11:30am and 12:30am I was cycling north and then south down Radnor Road with one of my children on their own bike. On both occasions a car travelling west down Bonser Road failed to give way or obviously slow down.

The first time a car travelling fast stopped just in time, narrowly missing us. They had failed to slow or otherwise give way. They apologised profusely.

The second time a car shot straight across the junction at an even faster speed with no obvious slowing or giving way, fortunately we were 10-20 feet short of the junction at the time. Had we’d been at the junction I’m reasonably sure we’d have been hit, hard. The driver would have had difficulty seeing us given the reduced view around the junction due to cars parked close to the junction.

Talking to a local resident, Bonser Road is sometimes used to bypass Tower Road and the roundabout linking Cross Deep Road, Waldegrave Road and Strawberry Vale. Holmes Road and Riverview Gardens are less popular due to being less straight. Bonser Road allows bypassing speed bumps in Tower Road.

I logged it with the Council.

I’ve regularly cycled this route for four years and it’s the first time I’ve had a near miss as close as that, let alone two.

Update, Thursday 24th April 2014

Fixed! Thanks LBRuT.


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